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Seabrook Estate Planning Attorney

There are few more idyllic spots than Seabrook Island in Charleston County, South Carolina. This gem of a private, residential beachfront community originated as a collection of plantations in the late 18th century. By the late 19th century, sustained by nearby farmland, the region became a railway stop for both the Port Royal and Augusta Railways, establishing itself as a small but enterprising village that had, in addition to a train station: a post office, a general store and a gas station. Currently well-populated, with a major residential development in Beaufort, the area has a number of fine schools to educate its up and coming youngsters.

Those who live amidst the beautiful miles of undisturbed barrier beaches, or visitors who come to enjoy them, not only have the pleasure of seeing some of the most luxurious vegetation on the East Coast -- pines, yucca, palmettos, oaks, and swimming in some of our country’s most delightful coastal waters. They also have access to the renowned Charleston Tea Garden that vividly presents the process of moving tea from field to cup, but to the marvelous city of Charleston itself. Nonetheless, the lucky inhabitants of Beaufort have to contend with the same estate planning concerns as the rest of us. If you reside in the area, there is no finer team of attorneys to assist you with such matters than those at Wiles Law Firm, LLC -- right here in Charleston County.

Wiles Law Firm Estate Planning Attorneys Prepare You for the Future

Because our lawyers have comprehensive estate planning experience, they are well able to help you shape your future and the future of your loved ones. We are adept at drafting and reviewing all necessary documents to ensure that your accumulated wealth is protected from expected and unforeseen eventualities, such as marriage, creation of a business, divorce, birth, incapacity, and death. Regardless of what the future holds, Wiles Law Firm will be at your side.

Though we fully understand the discomfort you may feel in discussing issues connected to your own mortality, we have the skill set to make the process smooth and pain-free. Having performed estate planning tasks for a great many well-satisfied clients, we are eager to help you ensure that you enjoy the relief of providing your family with the security they deserve. Once we discuss with you precisely what your needs are regarding asset protection, wills and trusts, healthcare preparation, and so on, we will clarify your options and take care of all the details.

Estate Planning Is an Ongoing Process

As circumstances change, which they always do, it is essential to keep pace with recent developments, such as a marriage or divorce, adoption or establishment of a new business, or a sudden illness or accident. Wiles Law Firm is well-prepared to follow your situation closely by meeting with you at regular intervals to make certain whether your documents need modification. Whether you are facing blessings or challenges at the present moment, Wiles Law Firm will attend to you with commitment, clarity, and dedication.

Wills and Probate

The purpose of having a will is to [1] name your beneficiaries [2] choose a personal representative (executor) to manage your estate after you pass away and [3] designate a guardian for any minor children. Wills are a significant part of planning your estate because if you die intestate (without a will), at your death, you family will probably have to deal with important decisions they are not ready to make or to go through a more complicated probate (validation of your will by the court) than would otherwise be necessary.

The Wide Range of Types of Trusts

Many clients can benefit from having trusts, not just those who have a large amount of accumulated wealth. At Wiles Law Firm, we draft and review all types of trusts, including:

Although trusts are a wonderful estate planning tool, their specific requirements are complex and often confusing, particularly because they are framed in legalese. Whether you live in Seabrook or another location in South Carolina, you will be glad to have Wiles Law Firm at your side to help you decipher the language and details of trusts and receive guidance about which type of trust may be most helpful to you.

How Trusts Protect Your Assets

While trusts may very well offer you profitable options, they are no good to you or your family if you do not clearly understand them. The capable estate planning lawyers at Wiles Law Firm will explain the ways various trusts can help you by:

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Keeping most of your assets from having to go through probate (saving time and money)
  • Avoiding unnecessary taxation of your assets
  • Controlling distribution of funds to minor and/or spendthrift beneficiaries
  • Controlling distribution to beneficiaries with addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling, or other expensive compulsions
  • Protecting government disability benefits of a loved one from being threatened by a sizable inheritance
  • Protecting your assets from lawsuits and creditors
  • Protecting your assets from beneficiaries who are naive, cognitively impaired, or simply incapable of dealing with financial matters

Contact Seabrook, South Carolina’s Best Estate Planning Attorneys

If you live in or around Seabrook, you are fortunate to have Wiles Law Firm’s talented attorneys within easy reach. Why not make an appointment to sit down with us so that we can map out an estate plan uniquely designed to meet your needs and goals? You can count on us to give you the time and attention you deserve and to make certain that your family and your assets are secure.

Wiles Law Firm, LLC helps clients with their estate planning needs in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas such as West Ashley, Summerville, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and John's Island.

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