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Kiawah Island Estate Planning Attorney

Kiawah Island is a barrier island off the coast of South Carolina. The pristine Kiawah Island offers residents and visitors 10 miles of pristine beaches, sand dunes, and perfectly preserved maritime forests. Located just 25 miles southwest of Charleston, South Carolina, Kiawah Island is home to the Kiawah Island Gold Resort. With only 1,600 residents, the island offers visitors a peaceful refuge from their busy lives. Kiawah Island offers residents and guests enjoy many outdoor activities, to include fishing, nature tours, golf, bicycle rentals, tennis, boating, and water sports.

Kiawah Island Estate Planning Attorneys

The attorneys at Wiles Law Firm, LLC, have successfully helped many South Carolina island residents create effective estate plans. It is wise for residents of Kiawah Island to set aside some time to evaluate their estate plan or create an estate plan. Our experienced estate planning attorneys work with our clients to create estate plans tailored to their unique needs and best interests. We take the time to listen to the needs of our clients. Our attorneys treat every client with the attention and respect they deserve.

Many Americans put off creating an estate plan. Some do not want to consider their mortality, and others simply procrastinate. Many potential clients assume that they don't make enough money to warrant completing an estate plan. At Wiles Law Firm, LLC, we understand how important estate planning is for all Americans at all income levels. Whether a client needs a simple will or a client has a complex network of assets to protect, our attorneys can help.

Kiawah Island Probate Attorneys

The legal team at Wiles Law Firm, LLC, has extensive experience in the areas of probate and trust law. We can help surviving family members avoid probate by creating living trusts. In other instances, we can help guide clients through the probate process and attempt to expedite the process as much as possible. We represent our clients in a variety of probate and estate planning issues.

Probate is the legal process that takes place after a person dies. When a person dies without a will, a South Carolina probate court will administer his or her estate. A person who dies without a will dies intestate. A probate court will administer the estate of an intestate person according to the laws of South Carolina. Unfortunately, the process of distributing assets when someone dies intestate can require a significant amount of time and expense. Taking the time to create a will or trust can save surviving loved ones a considerable amount of stress.

Why You Should Hire a Kiawah Island Attorney to Create Your Will

Hiring a skilled attorney to create a will is a wise decision. At Wiles Law Firm, LLC, we focus on creating effective estate plans tailored to our client's needs. Creating a do-it-yourself will can be tempting, but a self-made will may not meet all of the legal formalities outlined in South Carolina law. A will that does not comply with South Carolina law may not hold up in probate court. Additionally, experienced estate planning attorneys have the legal skill to spot any potential legal problems with a client's estate plan or will. By working with experienced attorneys, our clients can rest easy knowing that their will complies with South Carolina probate laws. We create estate plans that are customized to meet the needs of themselves and their families.

A last will and testament in South Carolina is only valid when it meets the following requirements:

  • The testator must be an adult age 18 or older
  • The testator must have been of sound mind when he or she created the will
  • The testator or a qualified representative must have signed the will
  • At least two witnesses to the signature of the will must also sign the will
  • The will must be in writing
  • The will must include beneficiaries who will receive the assets of the estate

When a will does not meet the legal requirements listed above, it may be subject to a will contest. Certain individuals with interest in the will have a right to challenge the will in probate court. A will contest can significantly increase the amount of time it takes to process the estate of the deceased. Hiring a skilled estate planning attorney can reduce the risk of a will contest and other costly and time-consuming probate issues.

Kiawah Island Asset Protection Attorneys

The private homeowners who live on Kiawah Island have worked hard to earn the assets that they enjoy. One of the most important goals of estate planning is to protect one’s assets. Taking the time to create an estate plan will ensure that you and your surviving family members keep as much of your assets as possible. At Wiles Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys understand the best ways to protect the assets of our clients.

We live in a litigious society. Many innocent individuals face lawsuits after accidents, dog bites, and malpractice cases. Unfortunately, even plaintiffs who are innocent and did not act negligently may be forced to settle a lawsuit or may lose in civil personal injury trial. One lawsuit has the potential to wipe out all of an individual's assets. Wiles Law Firm, LLC, helps clients legally protect their assets by setting up an irrevocable trust or establishing an LLC.

Irrevocable trusts are appealing to estate planners because they offer a unique level of protection. The creator of the trust, also known as the grantor, transfers his or her assets into the trust. In doing so, he or she gives up his or her legal rights of ownership. Since the grantor doesn't own the assets, the assets may remain safe from the grantor's future creditors. Business owners can also protect their assets by forming a limited liability company (LLC). The strategy is to keep plaintiffs and creditors of an LLC business from coming after the personal assets of the LLC owner.

Contact Our Kiawah Island Estate Planning Attorneys

If you live on Kiawah Island or in the Charleston area, the skilled attorneys at Wiles Law Firm, LLC, can help you plan for your future. We can discuss your goals for the future and help you tailor an estate plan that meets your needs. Contact our Mount Pleasant law firm today to discuss how we can help you reach your estate planning goals.

Wiles Law Firm, LLC helps clients with their estate planning needs in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas such as West Ashley, Summerville, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and John's Island.

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