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Edisto Estate Planning Attorney

Edisto Island is one of several islands in South Carolina's Sea Islands. Located 42 miles from Charleston, the island is an accessible tourist location that boasts the Wyndham Ocean Ridge resort, camping sites, and Edisto Beach, one of the most beautiful, uncommercialized family-oriented beaches in the United States. After the American Revolution, Edisto Island plantation owners became successful in growing and selling long-staple Sea Island cotton. Since the end of the 1900s, the island has become a tourist destination, although some privately-owned plantations remain.

Edisto Island Residents

Edisto Island is a popular tourist destination and also home to about 2,300 residents. Many year-round residents of Edisto Island work in the island's tourism industry or the few stores and restaurants on the island. Other residents commute off the island to work. Residents of Edisto Island get to enjoy the gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches on the island.

Edisto Island Estate Planning Attorneys

Many Americans put off creating an estate plan. It can be challenging to think about planning for one's death among the stunning natural beauty of Edisto Island. Nonetheless, it is wise for Edisto Island residents to create a thorough estate plan. Wiles Law Firm, LLC is a well-established estate planning law firm located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. We help clients start planning for their futures in Charleston and the surrounding area. We've helped many residents of John's Island, Edisto Island, and residents of South Carolina's Sea Islands prepare for their future.

Wiles Law Firm Service Areas

The skilled estate planning attorneys at Wiles Law Firm, LLC, offer clients a full range of services. Our attorneys focus on assisting Edisto Island clients with the following types of legal issues:

Edisto Island Living Trust Attorneys

Many Edisto Island clients choose to create a living trust to avoid going through probate. A living trust, also called a revocable trust is a written legal document made during the creator or grantor's lifetime. The grantor must fund a living trust with assets during his or her lifetime. Funding a trust means making the trust the legal owner of the asset or property.

A significant benefit of creating a living trust is the amount of control it provides to the grantor. The grantor can determine which assets to move into the trust. The grantor can also choose how to distribute the assets after her or her death. Some grantors place all of their assets into a trust during their lifetime. Others create multiple trusts that serve different purposes. One trust could be designed to provide assets for a special needs child over his or her lifetime. Another trust could serve the purpose of caring for a beloved pet after the owner's death.

Unlike a will, a trust does not undergo the probate process. Upon the death of the grantor, the trustees must automatically distribute the assets to the beneficiaries, as required by the trust agreement. Properly constructed trusts can act as a last will and testament while avoiding the hassle of submitting the will for approval with the probate court.

Probate Administration Attorneys in Edisto Island

When Edisto Island residents face the death of a loved one, emotions and stress levels can run high. In addition to grieving the loss of a loved one, family members must deal with practical issues such as planning the funeral, filing the will, and working with insurance companies. The attorneys at Wiles Law Firm, LLC, assist many clients in probate administration issues. We understand how challenging the South Carolina probate process can be, and we want to help alleviate the burden. Our trusted Edisto Island estate planning attorneys help our clients take on the following stressful activities:

  • Filing and handling all probate paperwork
  • Communicating with the probate court
  • Communicating with financial institutions
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Meeting all court document filing deadlines
  • Filing all of the necessary probate documents

The Benefits of Hiring Edisto Island Probate Attorneys

Hiring skilled probate attorneys can be beneficial. When a person dies without a will, the South Carolina probate court will appoint an estate administrator who is legally obligated to fulfill many duties, including:

  • Opening a checking account on behalf of the estate
  • Manage the receipt of funds and payment of taxes on behalf of the estate
  • Take an inventory of the assets within the estate for the court
  • Notify banks, debtors, and any utility companies of the death
  • Distribute assets the beneficiaries as stipulated in the will
  • Prepare a statement of accounting for the sale of assets and debt repayment

Because these significant duties can quickly become overwhelming, our probate attorneys frequently represent estate administrators, taking a large part of the burden from those who are grieving the death of a loved one.

Edisto Island Trust Creation and Administration Attorneys

In addition to helping clients create a legal trust, we also offer trust administration services. Trust agreements appoint a new trustee upon the death of the creator of the trust. Hiring an intelligent, skilled Edisto Island trust administration attorney will give successive trustees a helpful edge.

Our attorneys can remind trustees of deadlines and help successful trustees fulfill their duties. Most trustees lead busy lives, making it a challenge to stay on top of all of their responsibilities as trustees. Hiring an attorney for assistance can help take the mental burden from trustees.

Contact Our Edisto Island Estate Planning Attorneys Today

Whether you are a trustee, a beneficiary, or a personal representative, the estate planning attorneys at Wiles Law Firm, LLC can help. Contact our office Mount Pleasant office today to see how we can help you with your estate planning or probate issue today.

Wiles Law Firm, LLC helps clients with their estate planning needs in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas such as West Ashley, Summerville, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and John's Island.

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