Preserve: Probate & Trust Administration

Preserve: Probate & Trust Administration

The time following a loss is filled with grief and uncertainty. While going through this difficult time, there are legal steps that must be taken to ensure the wishes of the deceased are fulfilled. Assets and property of the decedent must pass through the probate process or through trust administration.

We assist those who have recently lost a loved one or family member. We are committed to helping lessen the legal burden on the family, Personal Representatives and Trustee during the probate and trust administration process.

Our attorneys guide our clients through these procedures, both probate and trust administration, while keeping them informed throughout the process. Our goal is to provide our clients with relief from the frustrations and paperwork that follows the death of a family member or loved one and to allow them to focus on their own lives and that of their family. The legal processes take time, often anywhere from six months to over a year, and the paperwork necessary to accomplish the process of estate administration can be overwhelming. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge that serves our clients in honoring the wishes of the loved one they have lost.

We offer our clients a reprieve from handling communications with the Court and other individuals involved, completing legal documents and forms, managing requests from life insurance companies and other financial institutions, and abiding by the many deadlines imposed.

It is been our experience that helping provide representation for personal representatives and trustees helps provide a smoother transition of wealth to loved ones and preserve the assets for future generations.

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